Instagram of all the apps on my phone, I use it the most, not only for my own fun purposes of sharing my life {mostly my dogs}, outfits, and blog posts in quick photos, but for inspiration as well, right at my fingertips, whenever I’m thirsty for it. Beyond getting a quick glimpse at what my friends and family are sharing, Instagram is a great source of inspiration for art, fashion, pop culture, and all things related, and I LOVE perusing it for just that. I were discussing facial hair the other day, and beard culture in general, and noted the huge beard trend going on {and how Instagram is noticeably a great resource for trends and street style}. What’s fascinating about this specific trend is that most of the men sporting it {it seems} have very similar characteristics and style. For instance, they all have very perfectly coiffed hair, mostly very short or shaved on the sides and longer on the top, with just their beards looking seemingly unruly, but they are quite neat as well. They’re also heavily tatted, sometimes pierced and with stretched ear lobes, and often with a retro punk vibe. But they dress quite well, some -almost dandy, I’d say, and other than the beard, have a rather slick look about them. Though I’m not exactly sure what category exactly to label them as since they have a strong modern “Greaser” vibe, with some rock & punk influences, and just a touch of hipster –but maybe they don’t need a label {or maybe they have one and I’m just not aware of it?} — and it seems this specific trend & overall look began in London. I’m a HUGE fan of facial hair on guys… mostly the scruffier the better. … and while at first glance at these ginormous beards made me cringe a little, the more I searched for them on Instagram, the more I kind of liked the look all together. So somewhere in between Tom Hardy’s beard, ZZ Top, Duck Dynasty, and Gandalf, are these #BeardGods of Instagram, who may also all be male models {and whom if you’re not careful, will all look like the same guy}.













Sara Dal Monte

Schermata 2014-07-23 alle 22.40.56

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