dbc6d6c3141a0f4b002492cbb324cd68This is going to be a long post, as there are so many places to love in Ibiza… For a reason its called Magic Island! Although some might think it’s because of the crazy party scene the real reason is the special energy of the Island. Ibiza is home to Es Vedra – the imposing and mysterious rock the sits off the Southwest coast of Ibiza. Due to extremely high concentrations of metals and minerals the rock creates a highly magnetic field, resulting into ’3rd most magnetic spot’ on the globe – one of the 3 energy triangles in the world, with the Bermuda Triangle being another. It is near to impossible to get a direct compass reading in this location, if the device works at all. This special energy in the surrounding area may also influence more sensitive individuals. At the base of the cliff is an old quarry where hippies have apparently experienced visions of Buddha, and decorated the cave with symbols. There are also many myths and legends that surround the island.

In addition to this energy and all other things to love about Ibiza like – great music, all the crazy parties, hippie chic roots Ibiza is also place of incredible natural beauty and diversity – cliff tops, coves, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, pine forests and mountain springs. There are more than 60 beaches as well as several natural parks (such as Ses Salines and Cala d’Hort). Ibiza has sun 340 days of the year – light that uplifts and sunsets which open the heart and quieten the mind. With all the places I mention below I guess these is long enough list to love Ibiza and come back every year! So here we go…


SA TRINXA (Las Salinas) visit to Ibiza would not be complete with old good Sa Trinxa, Sangria on the beach, sit down in Las Salinas shallow water pools while listening to Dj Jon Sa Trinxa. Non pretentious people from all over the world congregate here to swim and get some sun, so you get a great mix of like minded souls, some with clothes and some with out, hippies, superstars, Musicians,DJ’s and record label bosses. And by the late afternoon they’re all getting their groove on with toes in the sand.

CHIRINGUITO (Es Cavallet)  small, cozy and stylish beach club with fantastic Restaurant. Great fish and seafood, chic ambience and cool people! Nice beach wear shop as a bonus! I love to go there as there I always bump into friends from all over the world without planning in advance.

SUNSET ASHRAM (Cala Conta) – Cala Conta is another beautiful and more chilaxed beach, where you can enjoy both the day as well as the sunset.The atmosphere at Sunset Ashram is great. It is laid back and tranquil with a mixture of fashionable people and a hippie culture.

BLUE MARLIN (Cala Jondal)  – Blue Marlin used to be my favorite place for a long time. Recently less so as it has been getting more similar to St. Tropez Nikki Beach with more fake boobs and  Djs spinning Swedish House Mafia (personally not a fun of neither). But if its your first time in Ibiza than you should definetelly check it out! If you are St.Tropez and tall models fan than its also a must! The craziest is Sunday, where it turns into a huge party that goes on till midnight.  (Make sure you look HOT and bring not only your best bikini but also a sparkly dress to put on top towards the evening).

LAS DALIAS HIPPIE MARKET – (Santa Eularia ) –  for me a must thing to do when Ibiza and it is not only about shopping but also about experiencing the hippie vibe, meeting the original hippies, sipping chai tea and an anise liqueur on one of the bars colorful floor cushions while listening to live music during the night sessions. Saturday till 8 pm and Monday from 8 pm – 11 am. Tuesday nights in July and August.

OLD TOWN – great both during the day at night for shopping, night market or having a bite in one of the typical Spanish restaurants on one of the narrow cable stone streets. Watch out for your belongings – quite a few pick pocekts around.

Enjoy Ibiza!

Sara Dal Monte

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