You’re back from holidays, here comes the tendencies for this autumn/winter. We start the series with hairdressing and the interpretation of our experts, Christine Margossian, Jérôme Guézou , Denis Holbecq and Christophe Gaillet.

The winter it look is definitely luminous with the return marked by the metallic colors.

The star colors are: silver, golden pink and bronze. Paco Rabanne, the innovative visionary from the sixties is one of the inspirers of this style adopted very fast by the fashionistas.

The tweeds are embroidered again, the leather is like a mirror, the silk combines with lurex. For the it look, the blond, copper or brown hair can also have silver, blue grey, golden pink or even iced bronze shades.

Sara Dal Monte

Schermata 2014/07/23 alle 22.40.56

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