I have a serious shoe problem. This year, I think I might have quadrupled the number of shoes I have. I have a rack in my second closet with my dressy shoes, a pile of my everyday shoes by the door, a huge bin under the bed with all my flats, and a massive bag under my kitchen table (not sure why…).
Part of the problem is that I have different shoe wardrobes for every season. I have shoes that are special occasion, but there are a select few that I wear the most. The shoes that every closet needs… the shoes that you can wear with just about everything.
I’m also committing to going through my shoes and donating the ones that I haven’t worn in a while. I’ve noticed that I have hung onto shoes that I only wore once or twice and just don’t have a need for them anymore. No point in feeling weighted down with extra shoes. (Now, if only I could muster the same personal strength for the piles of sweaters I’ve amassed…)
Here are my picks for my tried and true shoes for late summer/early fall:


Sara Dal Monte

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