I am always looking for ways to heal my family’s various ailments with natural remedies that aren’t harmful to our bodies and/or loaded with tons of chemicals that cause side effects. I started by using homeopathy . Then I stumbled upon essential oils and was so curious, I took various classes on them and immediately began using the oils to heal all types of ailments. What is crazy is that essential oils have been used for thousands of years in many other countries, just not commonly in the US. And actually, based on Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts, we know that essential oils were the first form of medicine. I had a friend who moved here from France who went looking for essential oils for her son in a typical US pharmacy and was shocked to find that there weren’t any. Apparently, essential oils make up the majority of medicines offered in French pharmacies but are nowhere to be found in ours.

Last time I visited Maegan, who was skeptical of the oil’s healing powers, I pulled out my doTERRA Clary Clam women’s blend to help her with her PMS/period symptoms and asked her to just try it out. She rolled the oils on her lower abdomen, around her ovaries, wrists, {back of her} neck, and even on her lower back and she was shocked by the pain relief she felt within minutes by simply rubbing the oils on her body.

After a few days of period relief from my Clary Clam oils, Maegan was convinced and asked if I wanted to share a little information about how they work with all of you I agreed…


What can you use essential oils for?
So many things, it blows my mind constantly. Whenever I hear a friend complain about an ache or pain or symptom of a sickness, I find myself thinking “I have an oil for that” and offer a little natural relief. Essential oils have become a way of living for me now. I use them daily for everything! From cleaning products in my house to healing, and even as vitamins and minerals, essential oils work in so many ways. You can read a little more about the Science of Essential Oils here and the history of using essential oils to heal here.

I love this page where you can look through a list of ailments and health concerns, click on your personal struggle to read about it and get suggestions on what oils will help treat it.

How do you use essential oils?
There are a variety of ways. Topical {rubbing the oil on your skin} is the easiest way and offers quick relief. You can ingest specific oils in very small quantities (ONLY some doTERRA oils have been approved for consumption), and by diffusion as well, either by hand – putting oil in your hands and cupping it over your nose and inhaling deeply, or by water diffusion. I have fallen in love with the high quality and purity of doTERRA oils which have no artificial fillers and are safe.

Each of our body chemistry is different. There are a variety of oils that help in healing the same ailment but some will work better for others than what may work for you. It is a trial and error experiment until you find exactly what works for you. But it’s worth it to know that you can heal yourself naturally without adding more unnecessary toxins and chemicals to your body.

Sara Dal Monte

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