Ah, Fall. It’s the transitional season that you can’t help but love! Not only are you changing your style and revamping your beauty selections, but nature is also giving you new hues for inspiration. Every season I like the idea of a refresh. A time to reinvent yourself and play up your favorite features. Now that many of you are locking down your school style, there is no better time to set a few fall beauty resolutions – the perfect excuse for exploring a new beautiful you and building a few habits along the way.

If you’re at a loss for what to tackle this fall, I’ve got you covered. Here are 4 commitments to keep this season.

Fall Beauty Resolutions

Moisturize Daily – As much as you think you’re regularly nourishing your skin, you may be skipping areas that really need hydration. With a little summer damage done and winter soon to dry out your skin, now is the time to build the habit. Every day after a shower make sure to lotion your entire body. Pay extra attention to the areas that are exposed to the elements, like your face, neck, hands, elbows, and feet. And remember to transition your products for fall as well!

Select a New Nail Color – A new rich hue or some graphic nail art – either way a new nail look will give you an edge like no other. And if you’re stuck with uniforms and minimal makeup at school, a dreamy emerald or popping plum will let your personality shine without breaking the rules. A new signature nail look can make you feel more alive and ready to take on anything. Darker hues and detailed nail art aren’t very forgiving, so use this season to perfect your application and you’ll be left with a perfect polish from here on out. No one likes tinted cuticles!

Regularly Make a Statement – You’ll already be rocking knock out nails, so why not be bolder by playing up some of your other features. During the fall you can start with an au naturel look and then change one characteristic for a dreamy, but fierce, finish without packing on a full face. Less sunshine and thicker clothes immediately makes me think of more statement eye makeup. Play around with the thickness of your eyeliner or make your brows the focal point of your look. Either way, be daring with something a little more eye-catching (pun intended). 😉

Incorporate More Oils – Sometimes the greatest way to revitalize our locks, calm our minds and clear our skin is with the help of just one ingredient – oil. Try a more natural approach to beauty this fall and save a little money (the gift giving season will be here before you know it) by learning about the many uses of coconut oil, or by adding another beauty-benefiting oil to your routine. Once essential oils and beautifying oils are added to your arsenal, you’ll be able to DIY masks and select products that are right for your skin and hair type with ease.

What will you change this season? Have any habits you’re hoping to build?

Sara Dal Monte

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