The perfumery author never stops, much less the characters and the brand that animate it. It seems like yesterday the end of the week perfume Milan 2014 and many serial sniffers have not finished yet to try the new products introduced in March, which arrive the first highlights of Pitti 12 fragrances that will take place as usual at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, from Friday 12 on Sunday, September 14.

The word to perfume. This edition will feature a fascinating subject, Perfumes & Parole, which will become the main theme of the festival fiorentina with meetings, appointments of olfactory culture, installations and panel discussions devoted to dialogue between words and fragrances, with particular attention to those poets and writers which over the centuries have loved to write and describe the world of odors through their art.


Among the special projects Fragrances 2014 mention Verba Olent – Journey in the literature of perfume, a journey exciting by Giovanna Zucconi, journalist and presenter of radio and television and soul of Serra & Fonseca, a brand that explores the connections between perfume and literature, art and design. The project-installation Verba Olent is a journey through the many shades of the perfume literature, or literature scented. It is no secret that fragrances and odors through the centuries in Western literature: a secret track high emotional intensity, a fil rouge bouquet to express eros, nostalgia, social judgment, mysticism. From the Bible to Baudelaire, from Shakespeare to Pascoli, the most neglected and mysterious character sketches of the senses, conveys emotions, evoking memories, says the past is used to tell the impalpable, invisible, indescribable and often even unfathomably .

Beyond words, at Pitti Fragrances 12 there will be the most loved brand of perfume copyright with their classics and novelties that we anticipate will be many.

The best of the first day at Pitti:

The Pitti Fragrances is always a mix of emotions and events, meetings with international noses and homegrown discoveries. Here’s the best of the first day, according to the editors of Icon.

1 Shades of Indigo Olfactive Studio. It is inspired by a photograph, like all of the line – in this case an image of Gustavo Pellizzon in which a young woman (or man?) Emerges from the water. The jus is a blue sea, and contains woods, resins, tuberose and petit grain. Distributed in Italy by essenses.

2 Patchouliful Laboratory Olfactory. This is a real patchouli, inspired by a traditional king but who has lived in the seventies, then brings Hawaiian shirts and marched through the streets. The earthy patchouli is less than usual, which appears and disappears in surprise. Distributed in Italy by Kaon.

3 The Modern Figaro Chez Dedi and Men’s Heritage. The portable kit for the perfect hipster: a toothbrush and a comb mustache, a mustache wax always to Capt Fawcett’s encased in an elegant clutch bag in soft leather.

Vintage set of 4 Taylor of Old Bond Street. Toothbrushes of all shapes and sizes to clean the nails, and the elegance of English gentleman from Taylor of Old Bond Street always win. Distributed in Italy by Calè.

5 Cleanser by Zenology. A unisex body line, from shampoo to shower gel, in respect of the skin and also the aesthetics of the bathroom. Distributed in Italy by Campomarzio70.

Sara Dal Monte

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