When buying jewelry and accessories, it’s no longer about purchasing a single item to add interest to an outfit. It’s about finding multiple pieces that fit together while complementing your outfit, hair and beauty look. It can be tricky business… Those Pinterest images showing fashion bloggers with what seem like merely stacks of random rings piled together are actually carefully considered and hand selected. That’s why they look so good! But, while it takes a little work, correctly pairing jewelry can take your fashion to a whole new level.

Pairing Jewelry with an Outfit

Chances are you know what to wear before you have the jewelry picked out, so use this as a basis for your accessory choices. In general, contrast is key. Planning to wear a simple t-shirt and jeans? Try a statement necklace and bangles to amp up your look. Going for a bold ensemble like I did in the photo above? Then light, minimal pieces will be your go-to.

Stacking Jewelry

Yes, you can pair totally different elements – such as dainty rings with statement pieces, or different prints and patterns – but stay along a similar aesthetic (think boho, preppy, feminine, etc.). In fact, you wouldn’t want to simply stack identical rings together. But there are limitations. For example, pairing fine jewelry with costume or super casual pieces can end up looking more cluttered than polished, so don’t stray TOO far from one theme.

As for necklaces, the best looks pair delicate, minimal pieces of different lengths and varying pendants. Here, it’s all about balance. If you’re pairing 3 or 4 necklaces, you don’t want one to steal the show; the goal is to create a uniform look. Do this by mixing pendants of different colors, shapes, and textures, while sticking to a similar aesthetic.

Pairing Jewelry with Beauty

This detail is often overlooked when it comes to picking out the perfect jewelry pieces for an occasion. Create a cohesive overall look by choosing pieces that don’t clash, but enhance. Since I knew I’d be wearing a feminine pink lip, I chose light colored, dainty jewelry. With hand jewelry, it’s important to think about nails: certain nail art may distract from your accessories, while others make it look more polished (no pun intended). White and gold is always a good combo in my book, so I chose to create it with my rings and polish. If you plan on getting a mani with an intricate nail design, you may want to stick to just a bracelet as opposed to several rings.


Sara Dal Monte

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