Sorry for the easy irony .. but writing about tartan , the link ” Scottish – kilt – urban legend ” it has been too easy … please grant it ! But back serious and throw headlong into the theme of the day that goes well with the Christmas atmosphere that now you can breathe everywhere.Well…yes…we entered totally into the Christmas mood !

So, how not to talk about the much loved Tartan?! More than established season’s evergereen (as in summer are the stripes), during the winter time we become “tartan addicted” … because a tartan accessory, leaning in some corner of the house, makes immediately “Christmas time” and warms the atmosphere!

Tartan was born in the scottish Highland in 1815, with the registration of “clan tartans”, officially becoming “fabric of recognition” and distinctive sign of belonging to different clans. With its playful and colorful weave of fine threads, the tartan fabric expatriate easily winning the tastes of many. Always fashionable, from clothing to home, we find it declined in a variety of shapes, materials and colors, from the classic plaid, to the ceramics.

Sara Dal Monte

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