When you think of doing your makeup, you most likely envision yourself applying color to give you those rosy cheeks and knockout smoky eyes we all know and love. However, some of the best makeup products we own are the ones that have no color at all! I’m talking about clear products that work magic on every feature of your face, but go unnoticed to the common eye. It’s these beauty products that not only hold your look together and act as a base for endless color opportunities, but also pull double duty with uses beyond their intended purpose. Below are five clear beauty products every woman should have in her stash – for emergencies or day-to-day use, they’ll change your makeup game for the better.

Face Primer – There are plenty of tinted primers available, but a clear primer like Smashbox Photo Finish will leave you with a silky smooth base without causing the tint to affect your skin tone. Plus, you can use a primer to thin out cream foundations and change the coverage of the product. It’s a quick, one-step base application that is ideal for all of you busy girls.

Top Coat – Applying top coat to your manicure isn’t always a priority when you’re in a hurry, but it will save your manicure. A top coat strengthens your nails, helps lacquer dry faster (yes, with Seche Vite Top Coat) and it can give you long-lasting shine that’s a welcome distraction in class. It doesn’t stop there – top coat can revive a manicure that has lost its luster and seal the deal on these everyday uses.

Mascara – Before wearing makeup was allowed, clear mascara found its way into many girls’ backpacks. That’s because even with no color added, it will make your perfectly curled lashes stay put. But clear mascara can also be used as a base for mixing your own mascara shades (just add shadow or mica pigments) and for setting your bold brows.

Lip Liner – Instead of buying a lip liner shade to match each of your lipsticks, reach for a clear one. A clear liner helps prevent against feathering and leaves you with an error-free, match-all pout. Whether trying to save a few dollars, downsizing your makeup collection or just looking for the most forgiving liner around, a clear liner like Milani Anti-Feathering Lip Liner is a must.

Lip Balm – Products like Vaseline or Labello (the German brand I cover here) Lip Butter will nourish your lips, tame unruly eyebrows and help you customize your makeup. By adding mica pigments or crushed up eyeshadows to a dollop of salve, you can play beauty chemist for a day. If that shimmer pink on your eyes is too good to pass up, break some off and mix it with the balm – instant matching lip color. You can mix up a new cheek stain with this technique as well.


Sara Dal Monte

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