Winter months can trigger many changes in our skin, from drying caused by the cold to breakouts from travel. It’s these months we need to be ultra aware of how to nourish and hydrate our skin. With the right regimen you can tailor your skin care to combat all of your concerns. Think of yourself as your own skin care chemist – using products and lifestyle changes to banish winter skin woes. With these five winter beauty survival tips you’ll get a much-needed blast of moisture and fight back again other pesky issues you’ve been dying to diminish.

Drink more water

First and foremost, it’s important to hydrate from within. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and when we drink water to prevent signs of dehydration we are actually aiding circulation, energizing our muscles and helping lock moisture into our skin. During winter months when our skin looks dry and fatigued (and we’re drinking lots of warm teas and ciders), you can fight back by carrying a water bottle with you. A chic glass bottle like thebkr bottle in Pout is a cost effective and environmentally-friendly (not to mention stylish) way to get your daily water intake in without lugging around a plastic eye sore. That way, on-the-go or at home, you can always replenish your body.

Nourish your skin

Winter calls for more moisturizing and targeted skin care. During other months you’ve been able to skip a day of lotion or rushed out of the house without your go-to serum, but when the weather strikes, it’s not always pretty. These are the months to bump up your skin care routine and address the skin issues you want gone. Typically, you would need a toner, serum, lotion and treatment to achieve all of this, but I recently heard about this great brand,Skin Inc, that customizes your skin care, giving you one product to do it all. You simply fill out their Skin Identity quiz and violà, one of their 84 combinations is made to treat your wrinkles, dryness, acne…you name it, they’ve got you covered. I recently ordered my own My Daily Dose blend that contains antioxidant CoQ 10 for anti-aging, Vitamin A for my dark circles and Ceramide for my sensitive skin and have already noticed a difference! Even on my busiest mornings, when last-minute beauty is necessary, this product has been a life saver. We’re talking mega-hydration nicely packaged in a bottle color of my choice!

Wear sunscreen

The doom and gloom of overcast days and slushy mornings may have you thinking that you’re not exposed to a lot of UV rays, but you can actually get sunburned during the winter. The sun’s rays can reflect off of snow and believe it or not, the sun is closest to the earth during winter months. Since exposure to UV rays are a major culprit of wrinkles, apply sunscreen on exposed skin whenever you plan on going out. And to avoid the sheen some sunscreens leave behind, try a mattifying sunscreen instead.

Treat your hands and feet

Dry heels, dry hands–it’s all par for the course, but it doesn’t have to be. Regularly moisturizing hands and feet will keep your skin subtle and prevent further issues like hang nails and cracking. Always bring a heavy hydrating hand cream with you and apply a few times a day. A cuticle oil can work wonders as well. And to make sure your feet aren’t left out, use a moisturizing foot glove. Just apply a heavy moisturizer all over your feet and wear socks to bed. Your feet will feel much better come morning.

Protect your pout

Lastly, winter can wreak havoc on your lips, so during the winter make sure to moisturize, exfoliate and prep them prior to wearing product. Lipstick on cracked lips will accentuate the signs of dryness, so it’s important to always moisturize. When summer months have me reaching for any gloss, salve or stick, winter calls for a daily layer of balm.

Combined, these five tips will allow you to tweak your regimen and get just the right routine to give you the skin you’ve always wanted.


Sara Dal Monte

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