My dear beautifuls. It’s that time of year again, when the weather is cooler (unless you’re living in Florida) and nothing sounds better than snuggling up in your soft blanket with a warm drink in hand.

I truly hope you all get a chance to spend quality time with the people you love. Whether it’s your family, friends, loved ones or even strangers. Make the best of it! I never believed being family meant we share the same bloodline. The feeling of love, comfort, vulnerability and joy defines family for me. This day and age, you can meet a stranger and the next thing you know, you’re family. Keep an open mind and hand to those who need family. There is nothing that melts sadness away more than knowing someone cares for you. A smile, a friendly gesture or hello can make a world of a difference to those who are often ignored. Let’s keep giving the greatest gift we can offer to others… Love.

So I have a question: What are three things you are grateful for this year?

I’ll keep mine short and simple…

I am grateful for my family (online and off ^_^), my basic needs (food, water, toilet paper <–forealz) and my curiosity that drives me everyday to wake up to seek the truth.

Please share the three things you are grateful for with me by using #LookMish or leaving a comment!

I love you all so much. Sending you all positive encouraging thoughts and good vibes 🙂

❤ Mish

Sara Dal Monte

Schermata 2014/07/23 alle 22.40.56

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