your makeup looks in real life is one thing, but with flash and sometimes awful indoor lighting to consider, applying makeup for photos is another story. In my videos, I’ve talked about everything from perfecting your picture day look to finding the right lighting for those selfies. But with end-of-year parties and events coming up (have you decided what to wear?), I decided to put together a guide to nailing the photo every time. Here are my top 10 tricks:1. Prep & prime. Make sure your skin is healthy, hydrated and primed for makeup.  A good primer goes a long way toward achieving smooth, photo-ready skin that will last through your whole event.

2. Always opt for matte. Makeup with shimmer and sparkle will look like more of a sheen in photographs, so choose matte whenever possible.

3. Avoid sunscreen, which can wash you out. If it’s a day or outdoor event, then use a chemical, not physical sunscreen. Make sure to check your foundation for SPF beforehand, too.

4. Go bold. There’s a reason Hollywood stars always have a full face on – the camera can diminish the features you’re trying to accentuate with makeup, like bold lips and bronzed skin. Go a little bolder than you normally would.

5. Contour. Contouring your cheekbones, nose, jawline or any other features you’d like more prominent will add back in any definition lost in a photo.

6. Make your eyes pop. Like I said above, it’s good to go a little bolder (without overdoing it!). So if you generally opt for a brown liner or mascara, try black this time around, and add false lashes if appropriate.

7. …But, create balance. While you want your eyes to pop, there are other features you’d probably rather not draw attention to. Make sure you don’t accidentally go too far on one specific area, such as overly defined brows or super flushed cheeks. Otherwise, it’ll be all you notice once those photos hit Instagram!

8. Adjust your lighting and position. Step away from your vanity every now and then during the process so you can see your face from a new perspective and in a new light. Check your look in a different mirror, or…

9. Snap a selfie. Always take a practice pic before you leave the house to ensure everything looks just how you think it does. You’ll avoid any mishaps before they begin and be able to correct.

10. Grab those wipes! Oil-blotting tissues are your best friend when you’ll be on camera, so don’t forget to stow a few away.

Here’s to many a successful photo!

Sara Dal Monte

Schermata 2014/07/23 alle 22.40.56

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