There’s something magical about January 1 that makes you want to better yourself. We always think of it as a fresh start — a chance to be a new, improved you. And, here are eight things that are guaranteed to help you look and feel better. Want to know the best part? No gym membership required.

Master DIY Nail Art
News flash: The nail art trend isn’t going anywhere. So if you have yet to experiment with patterned polish, now’s the time to give it a go. The key: Start slow. Become a wiz at basic two-tone designs, and by the time spring rolls around, you’ll be ready to rock a more elaborate creation like swirls or itty-bitty blooms. Check out this video for some easy ideas for nail art novices.
Test-Drive a New Hair Color
Nothing says makeover like a freshly colored coif. And because summer is often a time to lighten up with highlights and ombre, winter seems the ideal season to spice up your strands with bold, allover color. Our favorite hues range from classics like rich auburn red to the more risqué violet.
Practice Safe Skin Care
If you only do one thing for your beauty routine this year, this is the biggie: Invest in a lotion that boasts UVA/UVB SPF. It’s a double win because you will get the benefit of smoother, more luminous skin while preventing future skin damage like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and skin cancer. Use this chillier time to make daily application a habit. It should be easier because you’ve got a lot less ground to cover (hooray for sweater weather!).
Learn How to Properly Define Your Brows
This resolution takes a bit more dedication and practice, but once you’ve mastered the art of the arch, you’ll thank us. If you’ve ever overplucked (ahem, guilty), shading and shaping with a brow liner will help make your brows symmetrical and help bring out your best features. The secret is all in the tool. A 3-in-1 pencil makes application a cinch, even for those of us who have never been able to color between the lines (guilty again).
Purr-fect the Cat-Eye Liner
Another #beautydare that requires a bit of finesse: the ultimate winged liner. Find your favorite formula and practice. Lots. Our go-to: L’Oréal’s Infallible The Super Slim. It has a superfine felt tip, which makes it easy to be precise, and it stays on basically forever (OK, about 12 hours).
Work on Being Slick
That’s our cool way of saying use hair oil! We know it seems a bit counterintuitive, as we’ve dedicated our hair routine to avoiding slick strands. But, the benefits — oils help to heal the hair cuticle, sealing and softening your strands — are proven. And the potential pitfalls — like greasy, weighed-down hair — are more of a myth.
Rock a Bold Lip
There’s something very empowering about swiping on a rich shade, and it’s worth trying at least once. But it can be a bit daunting if you’re not used to such a strong pout. Start by narrowing down your options virtually with the Makeup Genius app (which lets you try on makeup using face-tracking technology — seriously you can blow kisses or bat your eyelashes, and your virtual makeup will, too!).

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