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Sometimes no matter what you do, the day seems off. Call it a funk or just a bad mood, you can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Hopefully this doesn’t happen too often, but when the inevitable happens, everyone should know that there are ways to get through it. There have been studies on what effects mood and how, but these are a few of my favorites. Try them when you need a mood booster or share them with a friend needs it.


A greasy meal may cheer us up for a minute when we’re feeling down, but that’s not what I’m talking about (and I think we can all agree that’s probably not the best route). Treating yourself to a littledark chocolate can enhance your mood though! The cocoa can boost your serotonin levels and increases feelings of contentedness. Bananas, turmeric, and berries have also been known to boost moods.


You may know how much I utilize sound therapy to relieve stress and anxiety. Taking time to focus on the sounds around you can put you in a better mood. I meditate with my singing bowl, but you can also listen to binaural beats, which are perceived when each of two sounds of different frequencies are heard in each ear. (Listen here). Certain frequencies can promote brain activity, or even a more relaxed state. But you can also pick up your mood by listening to some of your favorite songs. These days, you can find music for every mood, so don’t underestimate its power in brightening your day!


Exercise is perhaps the most well known stress reliever. But did you know it can actually trigger positive emotions? Yep, that feeling after you just kicked butt at the gym is often compared to a temporary euphoric state brought on by an activity’s endorphin release. Regular exercise can alsodecrease feelings of pain, but regular is the key word here. You have to make it a regular part of your routine to really benefit long term.


Time spent in nature will work wonders for your mood. Countless studies have linked to nature as a promoter of positive attitudes. And like certain foods, being outside is said to boost serotonin. Nature also helps keep your circadian rhythm on track, which helps make you more alert during the day and have more restful sleep at night. But if you can’t spend the day hiking or camping, no worries! Even looking at videos or pictures of peaceful nature scenes can boost your mood. If you like nature and are looking for a way to increase positive vibes this year, consider making going outside one of your resolutions. Even a quick walk on your lunch break can give you comfort, energy, and help you refocus.


Although all artists know that creating art is essential to our happiness, even the not-so-artsy types should definitely give this a try. In fact, those who appreciate the arts are known to generally be happier than those who don’t. My suggestion is to set aside a few moments to doodle, paint, create a scrapbook etc. – without any expectation. You’ll likely get lost in creating and find that it did lift your mood!


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It may not feel like it yet, but spring will be here before we know it, and that means a whole new season full of opportunities to revamp our wardrobe and experiment. I’ve recently noticed a few of the trends that have emerged briefly in the past are quickly becoming fashion staples. This year, they’re better than ever. These jewelry and accessories are just too cool to ignore…

1. Pearl Collars

Thin gold chokers with a pair or trio of pearls are starting to replace the statement jewels and layered necklaces we saw last year. It’s a minimalist approach that looks delicate and intentional, rather than loud or bold. This accessory would look beyond chic paired with an all-white outfit!

 2. Cuffed Jewelry

Cuffed jewelry always seems to be a trend in some form or another, but this year they have endless potential for designs. Take the embellished cuff above by Portland-based Betsy & Iya, which has a sleek brushed gold look from the front and a tiled triangle pattern when worn open-faced. With a sophisticated gold cuff as a jewelry staple, you can’t go wrong.

 3. Embellished Fedoras

Floppy hats, fedoras and Panama hats made waves last summer, and you guessed it – they’re here to stay (no matter the season). Should you find yourself hopping on the trendy hat train this year, try one with a bohemian braid or, like much of the cuff jewelry, one adorned with gold or brass chains.

 4. Chain Headpieces

A simple headband is no longer enough! If you liked any of the above, you’ll love chain headpieces. Often wrapped across and around your head, this accessory is part-hair, part-jewelry, part-hat – all at once. Some people opt for the boho style, while others choose ones with gems or a comb for a dressed-up version. It’s a tough one to pull off as an every day look, but if you love the chains – I say go for it!

5. Holographic Accents

I think the holographic vibes are definitely going to replace all the glitz and glitter: they’re rad, wearable and a little space age. What’s not to love? From out-there holographic clutches to shiny hologram-covered shoes, it’s not everyday you see someone rocking this trend. But when you do, it’s always someone whose style is on point.

Sara Dal Monte

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If you follow SARA regularly, you know that we often feature LA-based brand Wildfox. With its bohemian, 1970s inspired designs, the label has created some pretty dreamy campaigns and lookbooks since its start in 2007. Recently, we had to chance to interview one of the label’s founders, Kimberley Gordon, about the new spring 2015 collection. We learned what inspires her designs, how the brand got its name and the story behind the lookbook images.

“I think the Wildfox part of a girl is the part that throws caution to the wind and heads out into the world feeling beautiful, no matter how she looks, and that’s what makes her so sexy.” –Kimberley Gordon

What is the inspiration behind the name Wildfox?

We started the company based on a real love for vintage everything, but especially the 70’s, that’s like the boom of the T-shirt. We wanted a name that reflected that, Fox and Foxy were a real popular slang of the time and we knew that Wildfox would conjure that, it’s also short and sweet and represents our wild inner selves, untamable foxes.


With the new lookbook, ‘Gypsy’, what inspired the images?
This past year was quite a turbulent one for me, and it seems maybe for the world also! I think I had this overall feeling of wanting to escape and live off the land, I visualized a group of girls with a whole lot of passion and fearlessness and absolutely nothing to lose. They would beg, borrow, steal their way through countries, hypnotizing boys and working odd jobs to make a little money. Their lives were only for each other and themselves.

There was a freedom in the collection, a way for me to feel it along with them even though I worked harder than ever to bring it to life! Also this is a nod to my festival loving 20s, there is something so carefree about your early 20s, and I just missed this feeling of electricity, about being able to run off at the last-minute, quit your job and not look back… or just take a risk with something big, your 30s you carry evidence of your 20s… like beautiful, luxurious baggage, I love my baggage and I wanted to give a nod to it with this collection.


I think it would be hard to name just one item, I love the white label poncho and the long johns, I think you need it for traveling, it’s so easy to throw on and look chic…

How would you describe the Wildfox girl?

For me Wildfox was never about a girl but about every girl. It’s about what everyone has inside of them; I like for our clothes to speak boldly even when you cannot. It brings out this inner self-confidence, and I think the Wildfox part of a girl is the part that throws caution to the wind and heads out into the world feeling beautiful, no matter how she looks, and that’s what makes her so sexy. When I was in high school I used to feel this power from watching beautiful, inspiring women. I’d go out feeling like the coolest girl in the world by channeling that woman, I think the lookbooks and campaigns are a reflection of that, like the fantasy side of the world, a reflected self-image. It’s also a lot about friendship, your friends are everything and they will get you through your life, Wildfox celebrates that.

Your label has been around since 2007, what has been your proudest moment with Wildfox so far?

Absolutely during the “It’s only rock n roll” fall shoot with my old co-founder, Emily. We went to high school together and returned to shoot the campaign in our theater, where we spent most of our teenage years. My drama teacher was there and I was on stage with him watching Emir Eralp shoot Zippora, and he put his arm around me and got all teared up and said, “I just can’t believe what you guys have done, it’s so amazing. I’m so proud.” It was probably one of the best moments of my life, my work is like another form of love, a soulmate, so these moments are really profound for me.


Your lookbooks are always so fun and creative! Where do you get the ideas from and why not just do the traditional studio shoot?

I grew up acting and I studied film, I have tons of documentaries from high school of my fiends. Think “Girls” but young and west coast and reality… I think I always wanted to tell stories and fashion is my outlet for many creative aspects. The garments are not just clothing but stories about people’s lives, and if I didn’t have the chance to illustrate that properly the collection wouldn’t be finished. I need girls to see the character, I need them to feel they can become this other person, or an enhanced version of themselves. I need to bring them adult make-believe in a way, and remind them of their friendships.


Can you give us a hint on what to expect for future collections or shoots?

Yes, we have a VERY special project coming up, and it involves something you cannot see…

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Natalia Vodianova is the latest cover star of Vogue Japan, appearing on the magazine’s March 2015 issue wearing a hippy chic look from Gucci’s spring 2015 collection. Donning a fur vest paired with a colorful and embellished long-sleeved dress, the blonde rocks wild curls to go with the free-spirited look. For more Natalia, see her pose in Stella McCartney’s spring advertisements.

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very now and again i think about cutting my bangs, as you probably do if you are a woman and don’t have bangs. Because that’s what we do, right?

I love the idea of bangs but then I always remember the upkeep and the maintenance and the styling and the way the wind blows them straight up when you walk into it and that sometimes they make your forehead break out and the way blonde bangs look singed at the ends sometimes and the way it sucks so bad when you’re growing them out… and all of those things deter me from doing it every single time.

But I’m bored with my hair and it’s been the same for almost a decade now and I’m just looking for a new look. I’m feeling a bit freer lately and with emotional change always comes a hair change, right? So I guess I’ve been stuck for nearly a decade too, but I’m feeling less sticky now and ready for a new look. It’s just hair, anyway, and I always thought when I “got older” I’d cut my bangs to disguise the lines on my forehead a little bit and add softness to my face. And as I see these lines set in more deeply each day and I ponder Botox or fillers to “fix my face” I remember that those lines are the sum of my experiences and they’re all mine… AND THAT IT’S POISON, so that freaks me out.

So yeah, I’m thinking about bangs, or fringe and these are some of my favorite fringy banging looks below.. and yes, most of them are blonde because I am blonde and generally I think brunettes look better with bangs, so my inspiration looks are kind of specific. Or not.


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New Year in Florence gets underway always with Pitti fashion events: Pitti Uomo, Pitti Donna, Pitti Filati and Pitti Bimbo. From January 13 until January 30, 2015, Florence welcomes sellers and buyers from all around the world visiting four of the world’s most important platforms for fabrics, clothing and accessory collections.

As every year there is a title theme for the exhibits and Walkabout Pitti is 2015 leitmotif. Walking is an expression of a way of life and it evokes its own outfits: clothing styles and accessories. Let’s explore the infinite dimension of traveling on foot in Florence!

Pitti Immagine Uomo is the key international trade event showcasing men’s fashions and contemporary lifestyle trends. It will be held in Florence from 13 to 16 January 2015 at the Fortezza da Basso. At Pitti Uomo 87 you will find the excellence of the makers of the new classics to the brands that have redefined sportswear 2015.

Pitti Immagine W, the project dedicated to women’s fashion collections, held concomitantly with Pitti Immagine Uomo 87, will be staged in Florence from January 13-16, 2015. Inside the Fortezza Da Basso, Pitti W 15 will focus on sophisticated proposals with a striking new layout, uniquely interpreting the wardrobe of today’s woman. Pitti Immagine W will present absolute premieres of sophisticated and innovative collections for fall/winter 2015-16.

Pitti Bimbo offers a complete overview of the universe of children’s fashion and new lifestyle trends. From January 22 to 24, Pitti Bimbo n.80 will give a boost to the world of research, from the avant-garde collections to the creativity of the independent brands to accessories and design objects for the littlest set.

Pitti Immagine Filati, is the key international event featuring yarns for the knitting industry and will be held at the Fortezza da Basso from January 28 to 30, 2015. This is the 76th edition and will feature world previews of yarns for the 2016 spring-summer season.

On Pitti Immagine website you can find all the information about every single fair and the many exclusive events in town!
Pitti events happen twice a year (in January and in June).



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