very now and again i think about cutting my bangs, as you probably do if you are a woman and don’t have bangs. Because that’s what we do, right?

I love the idea of bangs but then I always remember the upkeep and the maintenance and the styling and the way the wind blows them straight up when you walk into it and that sometimes they make your forehead break out and the way blonde bangs look singed at the ends sometimes and the way it sucks so bad when you’re growing them out… and all of those things deter me from doing it every single time.

But I’m bored with my hair and it’s been the same for almost a decade now and I’m just looking for a new look. I’m feeling a bit freer lately and with emotional change always comes a hair change, right? So I guess I’ve been stuck for nearly a decade too, but I’m feeling less sticky now and ready for a new look. It’s just hair, anyway, and I always thought when I “got older” I’d cut my bangs to disguise the lines on my forehead a little bit and add softness to my face. And as I see these lines set in more deeply each day and I ponder Botox or fillers to “fix my face” I remember that those lines are the sum of my experiences and they’re all mine… AND THAT IT’S POISON, so that freaks me out.

So yeah, I’m thinking about bangs, or fringe and these are some of my favorite fringy banging looks below.. and yes, most of them are blonde because I am blonde and generally I think brunettes look better with bangs, so my inspiration looks are kind of specific. Or not.


 Sara Dal Monte

Schermata 2015-01-26 alle 04.59.58

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