One of the must of the season will be to them, the Windsor Smith. Many love them, some hate them. But I have no doubt will be snapped up.

Australian brand, quality but with a very affordable price, have appeared at the foot of fashionistas and fashion blogger last summer.

The brand has great fame in Australia and a sample large enough, but he literally hit the heart of the fans, with his platform shoes: in particular models Fluffy in the all-black version also all-white, which take, leather and the wedge shapes of shoes sea rubber used to dress young.

And if many, at first glance, perplexing, others, once worn if they are literally in love.

We leave you to the photos still-life but also to a number of look, to show the effect of an outfit.

Sara Dal Monte

Schermata 2015-03-17 alle 00.17.14

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