I was flipping through the March/April 2015 TWO Magazine by Pixiwoo issue 29 and was just captivated by the details in the Wight on Wight editorial starting on page 10. I pinned a few images and then thought I may as well share it here because it’s just so unconventionally artistically beautiful.

I love the white-washed makeup and lines, her white/gray hair, which compliments her gorgeous blue eyes… I love the purple eyelashes in some shots and the dark rings and light nails in other. Oh I just love it all! Note the white strings tying her braids together!


* MAKEUP + NAILS: Emily Porter
* HAIR: Lee Brown
* MODEL: Miss Jones
* JEWELRY: Atilea

Sara Dal Monte

Schermata 2015-03-17 alle 00.17.14

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