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Discover the shade of lipstick of choice for women in 50 of the world’s finest cities

London Heathrow Airport is more than just an international travel hub, is also a major shopping destinations, boasting an impressive list that ranges from high-fashion labels such as Burberry, Hermès and Gucci, the luxury boutiques of beauty as Chanel and MAC. And with upwards of 200,000 people passing through the terminal every day, Heathrow has a good idea of ​​what’s trend with its customers worldly.

What do women like? Lipstick. The beauty of affordable luxury has become the signature for many a celebrity and is a mood-booster for women around the world, not to mention an effective hedge for those not-so-put-together outfits in days you can not even.


In his first lipstick colors Financial Report, Heathrow put together the data for its sales of beauty boom to discover the favorite shades of fashionable women around the world. To no one’s surprise, the New Yorkers have opted for a classic red-the sign of a modern urban professional woman. The look of London is definitely softer with warm caramel nudes winning with the crowd Kate Moss / Cara Delevingne / Alexa Chung. Paris is all about la vie en rose, and Parisians are all lèvres les roses. A dusky pink color fits perfectly with the philosophy effortless beauty of French girl.

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