GABRIELE PASINI – Flagship Store 8268 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, California,

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The Gabriele Pasini Store at 8268 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood.



Gabriele Pasini, from the Neapolitan region of Italy where tailoring reconsiders the British tradition key in an aesthetic fashion linked to the new man yet formed with urban dandy, exasperating lines and details to build a sophisticated sense of elegance. The collections of Gabriele Pasini focus’ on the complete three-piece suit and vest, with meticulous attention to detail and the use of vintage fabrics in continuous switching between Italian and British tradition.


Drawing strong inspiration from aesthetics dandy in its most sober and less “fashionable”, Gabriele customizes’ each piece while working on its particular fit, with strong attention to detail. The lapels and buttons are made by goldsmiths of Vicenza, as well as Como silk neckties, all aspects of his fashion line are complete with custom made high personal taste bordering on the obsessive.

Gabriele says of himself: “You can say that I am self-taught. I grew up and matured within the tailors, especially those of Naples. In Italy we have great schools for tailors, but in my mind the Neapolitan school is the most complete. In some regards I’m a fabric freak, I love the selection of materials from the simplest to the most complex, with a priority for the draperies as well as vintage and retro fabrics.


How is my style?  “I have drawn inspiration and mixed the stylings of Mick Jagger and David Bowie, as well as combining Italian and English fabrics from the seventies”. All suits are three pieces complete with the vest, in order to confirm with the desired elegance of men, with careful attention to detail and finishes. All the while increasing a new etiquette and elegance of men’s fashion.

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