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Pozzuoli, the city of the region Campania, Italy, just a few miles from Naples, with which together with: Amalfi, Ischia, Capri, Bacoli, Sorrento, shares the Gulf more ‘beautiful and picturesque southern Italy. Undisputed guardian of all the adventures is the Vesuvius, that with its plume asleep, feeds a number of mouths of volcanic vent called sulphurous. Terme, Stufe di Nerone, settlements natural Spa, Thalassotherapy, etc. are the frame together with a wonderful area called the Flegrea zone.

1While attending the international conference where today the important and significant matter being discussed is the theme of the development of the oldest district in the city – Flegrea.   This matter holds a great deal of historical and cultural significance and importance to the region.

Let’s take a cue from journalist Elisabetta Froncillo to retrace the path from last winter with the courtesy of Mayor Vincenzo Figliolia; we undertook the photoshoot that we have attached with the article.
We work to redraw the future. With the International Meeting set to discuss the relaunch project for submission to Lubec and feel that this goal shall be achieved.

This is a special place of history and heritage, which since 1970 has been denied. Ittempio-augusto-pozzuoli_1_original-2 has been closed due to a renovation project that seems to be eternal, with hundreds of millions spent already on the project.  This is the Rione Terra in Pozzuoli where this morning an International Conference will open in order to decide on the future, the theme being: “the Renaissance of the Cathedral to the enhancement of the Rione Terra.” From here we shall     start to launch the final idea to be presented in October at Lubec (Lucca, cultural heritage showcasing projects of renovations to Italian heritage) and find a management model that will see the Acropolis as a great attraction as well as all of Campi Flegrei.  But what is the Rione Terra? Is the Acropolis a crossroads of cultures and populations over millennia or possibly a pearl of history and identity is not yet lost? Reopened to the public 15 months ago one of its jewels was a long forgotten Christian Cathedral.    Which conceals from within its columns of a Roman temple dedicated to Augustus, discovered by chance after a disastrous fire in 1966.    Among the palaces and buildings you pass as you walk through the narrow ancient streets leads to magnificent vistas overlooking the Gulf. dsc_02781Under the mantle of cobblestones and lava, we have discovered an archaeological path of 10,000 square meters, which has fabulously preserved the traces of an ancient civilization and previewed recently in a visit by the speakers at the Conference, in a renewed media and sensory capacity.   A city layered in ash and closed by its inhabitants too early for future generations of tourists and historians.   The story of the modern age of Rione Terra depart from the disastrous earthquake of 1970, which led to the evacuation of the entire area and the exodus of the inhabitants moved to new residential areas. A mass escape: the whole area was expropriated and declared “inalienable heritage of the municipality”.  The complicated recovery restoration and enhancement began in 1993 with municipal resolutions approved 2002 and 2004, by the administration led by Mayor Vincenzo Figliolia.  The same person today who returned to the city322268_0_1 government in 2012, he is trying every way to complete jobs and fast tract times in an enhancement process. A race against time passing inexorably, while the yard still involves half of the fortress, with the specter of not flushing things out in an attempt to completing the project and avoid yet another white elephant.  In addition to establishment figures such as Vincenzo De Luca, president of the Campania Region and the Superintendent, Archaeological and Landscape, will present professional, business, culture and tourism industry operators and national and European stakeholders, all gathered in
dsc_02991order to discuss the modalities to speed up the process of assessment and feasibility. Without forgetting the already existing hypothesis as to project financing to build a tourist attraction to create widespread hotels with 32 buildings, 212 rooms, 58 shops and restaurants, the three museums and the convention center already existing.  All of which is potential economic boom for the city.

The conclusions will be entrusted as well as the mayor and Figliolia Antonia Pasqua Recchia, Secretary General of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage.


Sara Dal Monte L.A.


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