When styles from the ’60s and ’70s came rushing into the ’90s and the thrift stores became my favorite places to find unique treasures from the eras . I learned how to make styles the my own, even if they came off a bit costume-y from time to time, it was all par for the ’90s course. I found creative ways to make old new and new, interesting, and probably had a few people wondering what on earth I was wearing. But that’s usually the case and I don’t mind.

To see retro styles again now, created with new textiles and fabrics and colors, worn in similar but fresh ways, and incorporating the ’90s configurations as well, just make me smile. The faux suede button front a-line skirt I wore the other day is a new version of an old ’70s classic I had in my possession years ago and finally got rid of because the style was stiff and rigid and never fit right. But the new “faux suede” has stretch to it, making it far more flattering AND comfortable to wear. That’s a double bonus! But I love the retro styles and the addition of the ’90s as .It’s just fun and that’s why I love fashion.

Below are images from their September 2015 Lookbook in Paris.

Schermata 2015/03/17 alle 00.17.14

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