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schermata-2015-10-02-alle-10-03-52I had often heard of this prestigious event. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the creator for an interview, Paul Lubrano.  While it may be difficult to define this character with a few lines of text: elegant man, in love with his land, with organizational skills and achievement, really special. “

On September 30, 2015 a press conference was held, where I participated, in the prestigious and oldest theater in Naples in front of a large group of journalists and representatives of private companies that were the sponsors. ”Last year, the city of Pozzuoli hosted the orchestra of the Teatro San Carlo, and this year will be the Teatro San Carlo, who will host Pozzuoli” – These are the words of Paul Lubrano, Producer of the Civitas Prize, who on the morning of Wednesday, September 30th outlined the details of the 19th edition of the prestigious award, aimed at enhancing and promoting the image of Pozzuoli in the world with the help of personality forming task of real testimonials Flegreo territory.


                                                    Why did the choice fell to these three individuals?

Giuseppe Gaudino, Pozzuoli Doc, starring in recent weeks of the film “For Your Sake.” The theater director Franco Dragone, the genius of Cirque du Soleil, has exported abroad sophisticated talent from Campania with a cumulative audience of more than 85 million people. And finally, the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, Neapolitan by adoption for fundamental formative years spent at the Academy Force Academy and Federico II; a woman who this past January moved us devoting time to the disappearance of Pino Daniele via a photograph of the Gulf of Pozzuoli, taken from the International Space Station. In short, a trio of excellent awards recipients who serve as ambassadors of the artistic heritage, landscape and culture of Pozzuoli in the world.  Names sure to be added to the long list of personalities transformed over time in the face of the Civitas Award, range from Sophia Loren to Tilda Swinton, from Sherman to Dante Ferretti.


So begins the countdown to the Nineteenth Edition of the Civitas Award which points to the stars of space, film and theater. Namely: the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the director Giuseppe Gaudino and theater director Franco Dragone. The three will receive the award Sunday, October 4th at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and not, as is customary, in the ancient Macellum (Temple of Serapis) Pozzuoli, due to bad weather.

franklinchristopher-150227-001The Civitas Award for 2015 consolidates the usual collaboration with the Teatro Santeatro-san-carlo-festa-della-musica Carlo Theater-St-Charles-party-of-the Greatest Neapolitan with music enriching the event by having a special replica of “Don Pasquale” by Gaetano Donizetti drama (1797-1848). On the podium, directing Orchestra and Chorus will be the American Orchestra Director Christopher Franklin, with the historic staging by Roberto De Simone.

schermata-2015-10-02-alle-09-51-24The Civitas Award was created by the artist Lello Lopez who created an original work, inspired by the unique charm of his art: a steel hand covered with a starfish. “I’ve been able to see and photograph, which I must say, is a beautiful work.”

There is a prize that the City of Pozzuoli hosts as well, thanks to Civitas, the fourth edition of Lermontov. Lermontov was established by the Foundation and the Institute of Russian Culture M. Lermontov with the aim of uniting, spiritually and artistically, Italy and Russia. For 2015 the Lermontov prize goes to the Teatro San Carlo. A well-deserved honor and recognition.

Although the event will not take place at Macellum, the Civitas Award is working to create an innovative lighting system installed in the historic site.

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – During the last year there were many who point out that, after theschermata-2015-10-02-alle-02-36-46 impressive rally of May 29, 2014, it was unacceptable that the area of ​​the Temple of Serapis continued to continue with conditions of neglect and decay. Today the Civitas Award is working to create an innovative lighting system installed in the Macellum to be donated to the city with the collaboration of the Campania Region, the City of Pozzuoli and Department of Antiquities. “The Civitas Award is aimed at promoting the area away from the tourists – reiterates Paul Lubrano – and this year we allocate a substantial investment in the exploitation of international cultural impact (the responsibility of the Superintendent and now dimly lit thanks to the synergy of the City – Ed.)” We have opened a discussion with the bodies involved in order to have all permits and conclude the process as soon as possible – continues Lubrano – The goal is to succeed in December this year. Through the lighting fixtures to LED source, ensuring sustainable lighting, we will redesign the character of the original archaeological site, highlighting the features and points currently in the shadow of the Macellum.” The installation is signed off by the lighting designer Filippo Cannata, who adds:” I expected a light that was not the evening dress of the monument but that could express a concept of beauty, capable of bringing out the hidden image from time to citizens and tourists, as strong flow of attraction. “

Sara Dal Monte

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Special thanks to the blogger Kathy Kiefer, and Alessandro Sicuro

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