43°11°new brand in Florence Italy

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A lover of Italian creativity, always among the companies to discover new ideas and products. I got to visit the Creative Lab of a Tuscan company Marka Ltd, to see a collection of accessories and jewelry unique. Bracelets and chains for pants, for now, from the forms very attractive. Semiprecious stones such as amethyst, tiger eye, silver bracelets, leather, python, set in magnificent frames vaguely urban style Hipster.

It often happens that companies write to me to have a technical opinion on their creations. The most interesting ideas that I have been subjected lately, is a brand new unique style. How did the idea, the story is simple. Four entrepreneurs and friends, during a dinner they decide to give birth to a new line of products, fashion accessories. Given that the four friends have a experience in the field of industrial creativity for many years, although in different sectors. This environment is for them so challenging, complicated and fascinating at the same time, allowing him to obtain several successes to the point of deciding to embark on this new creative challenge with the creation of the brand 43 ° 11 °.

I admit that this idea intrigued me until very beginning, their enthusiasm  infected and my talent scouting staff, “always there like a sentinel,” he was immediately made to understand that I was in the right place. Then moving from words to deeds, come to see the creations of the collection 43 ° 11 °, led by manager Andrea Balleri, to see if behind this team full of energy and passion for innovation, there really is an idea that worth telling.

Joined the company and opened the caskets of the collection, I noticed three elements that strike me immediately in the products. The first is the lightness of the product, a fact that I always find it very valuable when you have to wear something. Despite the quality of the components, for example, the closure of bracelets and chains and reliable light ensures excellent resistance to the arm, as for pendants, and chains with semiprecious stones.

Editing by Alessandro Sicuro

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