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When you create something that elicits emotion: this is the moment in which art comes to life and transports us to another dimension, that of ecstasy. That subtle transfer from the concept to the work accomplished is perceptible not only by its creator, but also from a more informed public, which captures the uniqueness of that creation, drawing a benefit unforgettable emotional.

Each artist then acts according to a personal style, and it is the different way of feeling and shaping the art that distinguishes a work from the other, carrying within him the autograph and unmistakable mark of its maker.

At this point the obligatory question is: fashion is also an art form? Yes, when the artist transforms his work in pure creative essence, through detachment from the consumer system, the conventions, the production series and the strictly commercial needs.

Always it inspired by art and fashion from the past, blending in with the trends of cultural movements: experimentation unabated is the essential characteristic which gives life to the creations that combine ancient forms in materials and innovative models and especially outside the box .

Therein lies the great innovative value of LA COUVERTURE

Sara dal Monte 


From Alessandro Sicuro

by sure-com America

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