“I have read this and I felt inside of me these concepts, the judgment brakes the evolutionary growth”.


We are beings in continuous becoming. Ours is a journey, we are not stuck at a station but in a continuous path, in which each stop represents a change of identity given by a new experience.

Our mind is constantly changing because it is constantly maturing. For this reason it is useless to fix oneself on the judgment of others or on ours, it only makes us static. Everything changes, nobody can ever stop the evolutionary path of sentient being that sees the goal and not the intermediate stages.

Fixing oneself on the judgment of others, means letting oneself be imprisoned by a single character that we have in mind, which making us static, immersed in a stagnant energy slime.

The transmutation of being is continuous, there are many possibilities dormant within us. Endless flowers to blossom, new mental patterns. How billions of neurons change our mind every day. Every day we are new beings.

“We are not a small tree, but a forest of possibilities” …

credit by:

Alessandro Sicuro

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