It may be the Diyer in me but I loved seeing this fabulous bag deconstructed and all the elements compartmentalized into pieces and getting a sneak peek into the process it takes to become its destiny ;)

The Louis Vuitton monogram has been graffiti’d, Murakami’d, embroidered, fringed, cut, pasted, and collaged in a myriad of fabrics, styles, and eye-popping treatments.

This season, the latest LV must-have speaks its must-haveness at a lower decibel than some of its forebears as the brand emphasizes quality and craft. Take, for example, the new Speedy bag in python, a paragon of handbag production that requires over 400 technical maneuvers in fabrication to realize. The most challenging aspect being, that while each python hide measures up to 8 meters long, they are not very wide, so several skins must be “matched” to obtain perfect symmetry and even coloring. It’s the kind of unparalleled attention to detail that makes an LV an LV.

Source: ANATOMY OF A BAG: LOUIS VUITTON, In an ongoing series, they deconstruct the world’s most iconic accessories to tell their stories. This is the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag in embossed python, $6,500.00.


Sara Dal Monte

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