“You’re living in a world almost totally insane who can not use reason. If you can meditate, just only this, you’ve done most of what you can expect from a modern man, and if the meditation is going well continue to repeat “Thank My God!” But in meditation you never get to the top, you do not have to remember to say “Amen!”, you do not need.

Meditation slowly turns into your lighting, one day suddenly you become aware. Where did all that darkness? Where is that continuous mixing and rush of thoughts? What happened to your mind? Suddenly you have become like a hollow tube of bamboo, but not your emptiness is exactly one empty, is full of joy and rejoice to learn more. Danzi for no reason, when you do not need songs, songs you’ve never composed, dance or dances that you never learned and they are spontaneously presented in your awareness. “

This is lighting, but do not make a goal.
Meditation is enough, everything else follows on its behalf. “

OSHO – The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here

Sara Dal Monte

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